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i just love the way how my blogs are changing.

now, there’s a different person behind.

and i am really loving it. 

he may be that special for me to be the main character of my blogs.

he is in the spotlight of my life now. 

Forever may not exist, so we have our LIFETIME.

and forever is too mainstream. 

we love us in our lifetime. :)

Life is unfair.

Sometimes, you just can’t fix the person who fixed you. You can’t be the one they want you to be while they are the one that you’ve been waiting for. But as the rule of life also states, you won’t always get want you want, but eventually, you will have what you need. If life’s unfairness doesn’t make you the wanted one, be the needed one. And maybe… just maybe, it will satisfy life.

no matter what, i’ll stick with my bebe, baby, babe.. my Hazel Grace. :)

and i’m 100% sure about that.

may alam ba kayong photgraphy blogs jan?

penge naman oh. tska yung willing magturo sana ng basics sa photography.

i just badly wanna learn.

Like a Fool.

This is one of Begin Again’s soundtrack and the first time i heard this.. i really fell in love. ang ganda ng message. :)

this is for broken people out there.

sa mga niloko, iniwan and all.

and yea, we may be like a fool..

but we must get up.

stand straight.

and walk forward.

Sometimes, beginning again doesn’t mean that the two of you should really start again together.

because sometimes, it just have to be you alone. 

beginning again with yourself that was lost when you’re still stuck up with that asshole. 

off to slumber with my favorite sweater.

three words.

oh how i love hearing him say those three words. it travels directly to my heart. then brings out an instant happiness in me.

and how much i do love seeing how his eyes light up when he hears that three words from me.

just three words and we are happy :)

a good thing or a bad thing.

i unknowingly blurted out that three words in him, personally.

on a good point, it just really proves that there’s something happening in me which i do not recognize.. just not yet.

on a bad point is that.. i may not be able to prove the capacity of those three words.

so now i’m really torn up if what happened is a good thing or a bad one.

but for what’s worth…

"i love you."

Candle light dinner.

i like like it..

when he looks at me straight in my eyes.. it always feel like its the last time that he would ever do that thing.

and when he studies me.. watching my every move.. it feels like whatever i do or how gross i may look.. in his eyes.. i am the most perfect thing ever.

he looks at me like i am the best art work ever created.
i just really like it.

a month after Six.

its indeed a perfect way to celebrate the day we admitted to ourselves that we really ain’t just friends.

dinala lang naman nya ako sa bahay nila. which really feels so good.. kasi hindi pa naman kami but he insist that i meet them. kahit may palusot na may gagawin daw kaming acads related.

tamang chill out den sa room nya.. which gives him plus pogi points. hahaha. we watched a movie. A LOT LIKE LOVE. nakakatuwa lang.. kasi kahit kami lang dalawa yung andun.. he never tried anything silly. for like. c’mon. he’s a guy after all. (i dont say na its fine with me but you know. guys. dumadamoves.. nagttry baka lulusot kahit hindi naman.. well. for me.. at least.) all he did was to really hold my hand and sweet kisses on my forehead.
haaay. i really am so happy today. :)

but here’s the funny part.
naalala ko lang.. June 6 to July 6. ugh. pamilyar na pamilyar. pati yung set-up naming dlawa na more than less than. nakakaloka. halos umuulit tlga ang mga bagay e. but i like it to be called.. redefining.

hindi umuulit.. nabibigyan lang tlga ako ng chance na mas pagandahin ang pag alala sa mga bagay bagay. :) kagaya na lang ng FEARLESS. :D :)

I really love the way things go and are redefined. its beautiful.

natutuwa ako. HAHAHA. promise. ang saya. finally. tagal kong hinintay ng moment na toh. yeeeeeeeeeeey!!! :D hahahahaha! ;) I MADE IT!!!!

Fresh Milk.

ang sarap pala ng fresh milk sa 3am ng umaga. ;) kapartner ng tumblr. :D

naghihintay ako ng mga kasama. off to MANILA!! ;)

i dunno why but i really get excited pag monday na. emeghed. but for sure, its not an acad thing. yu kno. ;)

i always had these butterflies in my tumtum and my heart goes like badumdum. :3 

but weird.
ang sarap talaga ng fresh milk. srsly. ang refreshing.

oh baka dahil lang sa, bagong brand ng milk tong nasa ref namin ngayon. hindi sya nestle. milk magic ata.

hindi kagaya ng nakasanayan ko, pero masarap. ;)

People always think that when you sleep together, there’s always something that is happening in between the sheets and the bed. But let me tell you, It’s not always like that.


The feeling of actually hugging each other until you fall asleep, the warmth of each other’s breath, and the total happiness in the morning when you wake up right beside them. Everything may sound so good to be true, but sometimes it takes a lot of responsibility and love to be able to be as wholesome as possible. Sleeping with your special someone is one of the most heartwarming experiences you’ll ever have. No nothing, simply hugging and smiling yourself to sleep.

thiiiis. one wish. ;)